Happy Hanukkah Greetings Phrases | Jewish Holiday 2016

Happy Hanukkah Greetings Phrases | Jewish Holiday 2016
Happy Hanukkah Greetings Phrases | Jewish Holiday 2016

Hey all of you, Happy Hanukkah 2016… If you are surfing all internet When is Hanukkah and Hanukkah Greetings? then, stop surfing all internet! we have come up with extremely Delight Happy Hanukkah Greetings on Hanukkah Festival collection collected by our team for you. These are Peaceful Jewish Hanukkah Greetings for Everybody. which all will like and also you can easy save this Greetings Cards for WhatsApp and Facebook. We have collected the Hanukkah Greetings Phrases they’re really inspirational, Religious, Funny and shareable with friends on any social networking sites or App like Twitter and Hike etc. You can pick below mentioned Happy Hanukkah Holiday Greetings Cards for Friends and Happy Chanukah Greetings Cards for Family.

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1. “I wish that these lights bring you everything that you hope for. Happy Hanukkah to you and your family.”

2. “The Gift of Hanukkah is a precious reminder that we are loved!”

3. “Thank the Lord that we have a Hanukkah to celebrate. This is because of Him and must be celebrated only for Him!”

4. “The gift of love, the gift of peace The gift of happiness… May these be yours at Hanukkah.”

5. “Only during this season that children are extra happy. Add more to their cheer by sharing even small gifts that they will truly appreciate!”

6. “Family and Friends are a wonderful part of Hanukkah!”

7. “May your houses be filled with the Light of our Lord. Happy Hanukkah!”

8. “Give glory to God because of His love that is so pure. Be gentle like children and live a humble life like them. Share Hanukkah with them!”

9. “May the Peace and Joy of the Holiday Season be with you throughout the coming year.”

10. “Smile and do not worry. God will always make things happen especially if He believes that we are worth it. Happy Hanukkah.”

11. “May you have the spirit of Hanukkah which is Peace, the gladness of Hanukkah which is Hope, and the Heart of Hanukkah which is Love.”

12. “May all the happiness and success be yours not only this Hanukkah but for the entire years ahead!”

13. “May the many gifts of this blessed season be yours.”

14. “Be merry and cheer. Today is a day to celebrate God’s loving embrace. We are His children and we must feel blessed.”

15. “May Joy and Peace be yours throughout the New Year.”

16. “Light the candles and celebrate the importance of this day. Let light lead the way to goodness. Happy Hanukkah!”

17. “May Hanukkah bring you Joy and the New Year every Blessing.”

18. “Happy Hanukkah! We are led by one glorious Father who never forsakes His children.”

19. “May all the joys of Hanukkah fill your heart throughout the New Year.”

20. “Blessed are you, lord our God, ruler of the universe, who has sanctified us with your commandments, and has commanded us to kindle the lights of Hanukkah!”

21. “Warmest Wishes for a Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year.”

22. “Joy in our lives, love in our hearts, peace in our world. Have A Happy Hanukkah!”

23. “The Magic of Hanukkah never ends and its greatest of gifts are family and friends. Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year!”

24. “Hanukkah gives us a time to remember how God works wonders in our life. He has been with us since the beginning and it is definite that He will be here until the end. Celebrate this day with more meaning and understanding.”

25. “Do not worry when things are bad. Hanukkah will remind you to always be hopeful that things have their own time to get better.”

26. “May the Peace and Joy of the Holiday Season be with you throughout the coming year.”

27. “The warmth of joy, glow of prosperity, sparkle of happiness. May you be blessed with all these and more. Happy Hanukkah 2016!”

28. “This day makes all the children happy. It is the time when they get gifts the most. Make more children happy this Hanukkah celebration.”

29. “Do not fear of the dark because God will always give us the light. Have A Blessed Hanukkah!”

30. “Light the candles and be blessed. Get a wish and hope that it will be given. Happy Hanukkah!”

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